Martin Kayes, Investigative Journalist

Television, Newspaper, Radio, Podcast & YouTube

Martin Kayes is a very experienced cyber security consultant and cyber crime investigator. He holds the industry-leading accreditation of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and in recent years has broadened the scope of his work to include private and criminal investigations. Martin works on high-profile murder cases, missing persons, celebrity stalking and harassment cases as well as investigating scammers and online fraud.

Martin also works with producers and media companies to appear in their programmes as a subject matter expert, to advise as a crime consultant, to trace and locate suspects and witnesses and to research evidence supporting the claims being made in the programme or feature.

He has appeared on several television programmes including “Madeleine McCann: The case against Christian B” and ITV’s “This Morning”. Martin is the producer of the Fear or Favour podcast and editor of The Detective podcast. His research has been featured worldwide in multiple newspaper and television programmes, some examples of which are shown below.




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